¿Qué podemos hacer por Mumia?

Hola! Buenos días a todxs. Comparto un volante enviado por la Campaña para Llevar a Mumia a Casa (Campaign to Bring Mumia Home).

Aquí hay algo que podemos hacer para presionar al Fiscal de Filadelfia, Larry Krasner, a desistir en su esfuerzo para negarle justicia y libertad para Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Hoy y cada martes entre las 12 y las 2 de la tarde, hagamos llamadas, correos electrónicos o tuits con este mensaje:    DA Krasner. Retract the appeal! Release Mumia now!

[Que se retire su apelación y libere a Mumia ahora.]

Tel. 001-215-686-9944

Correo electrónico.   justice@phila.gov

Tuit. @philaDAO

Si quieren decir un poco más, pueden agregar uno de los cinco argumentos sugeridos (los dejo en inglés porque parece que son monolingües ahí en la Fiscalía):

“Many people who worked tirelessly for your election feel betrayed. We knocked on doors, held fundraisers and gave our own money to support a “Just DA” We disagree strongly with your decision to appeal the Mumia ruling, in fact we condemn it. Retract the appeal! Release Mumia now!”

“Larry, you appealed Tucker’s ruling because it has ‘problematic implications for a large volume of cases, in addition to its effect on the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal.’ In other words, too many imprisoned men and women might benefit? That ain’t right! If you oppose mass incarceration and unjust convictions, Retract the appeal! Release Mumia now!”

“Your appeal of Black Judge Leon Tucker’s ruling in favor of Mumia defends racist Judge Albert Sabo, who put more Black and Brown men on death row than anyone else in the US and said: ‘I’m going to help them fry the N-word’. Retract the appeal! Release Mumia now!”

“Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted because the police tampered with and ‘lost’ key pieces of evidence; the prosecution manufactured evidence of guilt, suppressed proof of innocence and selected a Jim Crow jury, among other due-process violations. Krasner, your appeal of Judge Tucker’s ruling defends those unjust practices. That’s not what you were elected to do. Retract the appeal! Release Mumia now!”

“Krasner, Black Lives Matter! Stop siding with the FOP and racist corrupt judges like Sabo & Castille. When you appealed Judge Tucker’s decision, you betrayed us and your own rhetoric about ending mass incarceration and wrongful incarceration. Retract the appeal! Release Mumia now!”


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